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    Introduction Corporate Philosophy Diversified Industry Walk into Bright Moon Certification and Audit R&D Letter Patent Alginate SODIUM ALGINATE CALCIUM ALGINATE POTASSIUM ALGINATE AMMONIUM ALGINATE PROPYLENE GLYCOL ALGINATE ALGINIC ACID FUNCTIONAL FOOD INGREDIEN Sugar Alcohol MANNITOL SORBITOL Contact us
    Alginate is a kind of natural polysaccharide consisted in brown seaweed, as a natural product generated from alginic acid indwell in seaweed and minerals indwell in sea. Alginic acid is a mix-polysaccharide composed of D-mannuronic acid(M) L-guluronic acid(G). The main alginate series include sodium alginate, potassium alginate, calcium alginate, ammonium alginate etc.
    Chemical structure
    Solution properties

    As the hydrophilic gel, sodium alginate is the prevailing salt of align, which is apt to form thick solutions. with the properties of thickness and stability, sodium alginate can be used as thickener and stabilizer in foodstuff and printing paste, oil-extraction agent etc.


    when meeting with calcium ion exchange action takes place rapidly to form gel, and the gel is anti-reversibility. the high G alginate gel is crispness but much rigider, while the high M alginate gel has the opposite property, flexibler with the less rigidity. different strengths of gel made by different proportions. with different gel, alginate can be used for difference of imitated food, medical materials, face masks, water treatment agents, clingfilm etcs.

    Product Category Variety and Codes specification granularity use standard
    Pharmaceutical Excipients
          Pharmaceutical excipients, controlled release agents, dental impression materials, etc. CP2015、USP38
    Food grade sodium alginate LYF
    20-100 cps Granule、30/60/80/100/120/170/200目 Food, cosmetics, thickeners, binders, stabilizers, molding agents. Food is mainly used imitation type of food, pasta, beverages, meat products, fillings, jams, pet food, etc. GB1976—2008、FCC8
    100-200 cps
    200-600 cps
    600-800 cps
    800-1000 cps
    ≥1000 cps
    Industrial grade sodium alginate LY1 20-100 cps 30/40/60 Printing, water, pesticides, fertilizers, paper, welding, industrial adhesives, thickening agents, stabilizers, etc. Q/0284 QMY003-2013

    Q/0284 QMY002-2013
    100-800 cps
    800-1000 cps
    ≥1000 cps
    Low molecular weight alginate   10%,300-700 cps 60/100 Pharmaceutical, functional food, ink-jet printing GB1976—2008

    Production license number
    ISO9001, BRC, KOSHER, ISO22000,HALAL, ISO14001
    Diagrammatic sketch of sample
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